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  • Fostering Happiness and Confidence in your Kids
  • Building Resilience and Emotional Intelligence in your kids
  • Mastering Stress and Self-Care Strategies for Busy Dads
  • Accessing Comprehensive Resources to Guide Your Child's Growth 
  • Reigniting the Spark in Your Relationship

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Ian, Brooklyn, NY
I loved your ebook on being more patient. The idea of walking away when you need to was one of several I still use!
Bryan, San Diego, CA
My 2 kids are totally different, but I've been able to use ideas from A Dad's Path to help me be a better dad to them both. Thank you! 
Noah, Denver, CO 
Each week I get a dose of A Dad's Path that gives me a little jolt of parenting inspiration. Thank you!

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  • The Dad's Blueprint: A Roadmap to Balancing Family, Life, and Fun. (our fast self-paced video course)
  • dadPassion:  Keep the Passion Alive During Parenthood (ebook and audiobook) 
  • dadControl:  Stay Calm and Collected Without Losing Your Cool (ebook and Audiobook)
  • The 10 Interviews  from 2022: Insights from Dad-Experts (ebook and Audiobook)  
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Top 10 dad-experts share insights from our most popular podcast episodes.

Our Popular Fast, Self-Paced Video Course: The Dad's Blueprint: A Roadmap to Balancing Family, Life, and Fun!

dadPassion ebook and audiobook so you can still keep intimate passion ignited during parenthood.

Weekly quick-hit secrets and time-tested techniques to Level-Up Your Dad Skills.
  Be the fair, cool, confident dad without losing control with dadControl ebook

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  • ​dadPassion
  • ​dadControl
  • ​10 Dad-Expert Interviews from our top-rated Podcast 

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  • ​Weekly Quick-Hit Secrets and Time-Tested Techniques to Level-Up Your Dad Skills
  • Tips to Reignite the Spark in Your Relationship
  • ​Time-Tested Strategies For Raising Self-Sufficient Kids
  • Secrets to Staying a Patient Dad
  • The Dad's Blueprint: A Roadmap to Balancing Family, Life, and Fun! (Video course)
  • Compilation eBook of 10 Interviews with Dad Experts from A Dad's Path Podcast.
  • And More!

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From The Desk of Will Braunstein
Re: How to Up your Dad Game

Hi, I’m Will Braunstein, founder and CEO of A Dad's Path.  You took a great step in improving your parenting by requesting my 5 Dad Secrets ebook. If you get just One idea from this free ebook it will be well worth the value to you and your family! 

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